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Hong Kong-Myanmar ChangeMaker Exchange Program [For Mm Applicants]

Application Deadline: March 4 2018

Have you ever fancied visiting or even studying in HK?

Are you aspiring to be a future changemaker in your community / country?

Act now and apply for our Hong Kong-Myanmar ChangeMaker Exchange Program 2018!

Selected Myanmar students will win full sponsorship to join a study tour in Hong Kong for 10 days, during which they will have an opportunity to get a taste of tertiary education in Hong Kong, and gain insights into different global issues through their first overseas experience.   Full sponsorship will be provided to cover all necessary travelling expenses – including air tickets, visa fee, insurance, accommodation and the daily expenses in Hong Kong.

During the program, participants will have ample opportunities to interact with Hong Kong students and even university professors to learn and exchange ideas about different global issues  in the context of Hong Kong and Myanmar. After the visit to Hong Kong, participants are expected to apply what they have learned and gained during the Program to bring positive changes to their own communities in Myanmar.

Details of the Exchange Program:

Date: 25 May – 3 June 2018

Number of places: 15

Fee: FREE, the whole trip will be fully sponsored


  • During the 10-day program in Hong Kong, Myanmar students would be able to meet with other Hong Kong students, and attend activities such as: educational visits, discussion sessions, workshops and sightseeing around Hong Kong.
  • In late June/ July, Myanmar students (together with the Hong Kong students) will participate in an one-week follow-up education project in Myanmar.

What will participants get?

  • An opportunity to go overseas
  • A taste of university education in Hong Kong
  • Networking with Myanmar scholarship-holders currently studying in Hong Kong
  • Information about the wide range of university programs available in Hong Kong
  • Deeper understanding of different global issues in the context of Hong Kong


18-25 year old Myanmar university students (Bachelor or Master) or recent university graduates who:

(1) Can communicate in English effectively;

(2) Cannot afford to travel outside of Myanmar without sponsorship; and

(3) Already hold or will have obtained a valid Myanmar passport by mid-March 2018


How to apply:

Complete the application form and send it to [email protected] (with the subject line “CM Exchange Program Application – Myanmar”) or Connecting Myanmar’s Facebook message inbox. The application form can be downloaded at:

Selection process:

We will conduct a video interview to select suitable students. Interested students should be responsive through email and Facebook to facilitate effective communication,  hold a valid Myanmar passport, or be prepared to apply for and obtain one by mid-March 2018, and be prepared to attend a video interview between 8-18 March if you are selected.


Should you have any enquiries, please contact us by:

  1. Facebook message (Connecting Myanmar);
  2. Email ([email protected]); or
  3. Contacting our Local Coordinator Nan Moe Moe Maing by phone 09791592528.


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