ChangeMaker Facebook Challenge – Round 1

ChangeMaker Challenge (Round 1) Round 1 Results
ChangeMaker Challenge (Round 2) Round 2 Results
ChangeMaker Challenge (Round 3) Round 3 Results

Have you ever wondered how an opportunity to visit Hong Kong can bring changes to your community/country? Connecting Myanmar would love to know your thoughts!

What do you want to learn if you have the chance to visit Hong Kong? 

What do you want know about the studying opportunities in Hong Kong?

  1. Share this post on your personal Facebook page and tag @Connecting Myanmar and 5 friends.
  2. In your post, let people know your thoughts by expressing your ideas in 1-2 English sentences / pictures / photos / videos. Be creative!
  3. Let us know your own thoughts, don’t copy your friends’ ideas!

See our Facebook post for the 1st Challenge

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