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“Street law” is an interactive teaching method aiming to educate laypersons about basic knowledge in law, advocacy and fundamental principles such as freedom and rights.

In light of the political context in Myanmar, we believe it is particularly important to strengthen the ability of Burmese youths in independent and critical thinking, by providing them with opportunities to engage in intellectual discussions, debates and interactive activities such as role-plays, client interviews and even mock trials!

Topics discussed in street law workshops are not confined to legal questions. Students in some of our partner schools are also enormously interested in learning about different political concepts and political systems in other parts of the world.

Volunteers are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the social and political context in Myanmar while preparing for the lessons/ workshops. More information and advice will be provided in the compulsory training session in March 2019.

Click here to learn more about our past volunteers’ experience in the street law program.

Details of 2019 Programs

We are looking for dynamic individuals to join our summer Street Law programs to serve the Myanmar community. All students are welcomed to apply, but students with experience with law or teaching will have an advantage. Up to 2 places in each batch will be given to non-law students (preferably from business administration or social sciences background).

Batch A
Dates: July 2019
Location: Yangon, Myanmar
Local Partner: EduLife School of Youth Development
Number of Volunteers: 3- 4

Batch B
Dates: June 2019
Location: Yangon, Myanmar
Local Partner: Yangon School of Political Science
Number of Volunteers: 3- 4

Batch C
Date: July 2019
Location: Hpa-An, Myanmar
Local Partner: Gateway Learning Centre
Number of Volunteers: 3- 4

Click here for general information and application methods of the Connecting Myanmar summer programs 2019.

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