School Renovation



Thousands of Myanmar migrants work in factories and farms in the remote areas on the Thai-Myanmar border. Many of the schools for the migrants’ children are struggling with funding problems.


Volunteers will work with the teachers and students of Science and Technology Training Centre (STTC), a vocational school for Myanmar youths in Mae Sot, Thailand, go to several migrant schools and help repair their facilities.


While volunteers will do the renovation work in the daytime, they may also have opportunities to do some teaching in the morning or at night. The expected contents of teaching include English and knowledge in architecture and engineering.


We are looking for a group of volunteers with a mix of different backgrounds. While architecture and engineering students are preferred for knowledge and experience sharing, students from ALL MAJORS are welcome.


Location: Mae Sot, Thailand
Partner school: Science and Technology Training Centre (STTC)
Date: 1 –  30 June 2017
Number of volunteers: 8-10


Click here for general information and application methods of the Connecting Myanmar summer programs 2017.

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