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1. Mae Sot, Thailand (Bordering Myanmar)

Mae Sot is a border town in Thailand. There are many Burmese migrants who are neglected by both the Thai and Myanmar government. The children of migrants mostly grow up attending migrant schools that are constantly struggling with funding problems. Also, students attending migrant schools often do not receive any recognised certificate that can prove their education level, which deters many migrant youths from pursuing further studies at a higher level. Meanwhile, many of them leave school and start working at a very young age due to financial problems in their families.

However, many young migrant workers are still longing for learning opportunities after they left school. One of our partner schools, Knowledge Zone, is a centre providing evening courses for migrant Burmese workers. Click here to learn more about our past volunteers’ teaching experience in Mae Sot.

2. Inside Myanmar

Under Myanmar’s education system, most young people in Myanmar grow up learning by rote memorisation. They are often unable to communicate with others in English effectively due to the lack of meaningful practice. However, many of them are highly motivated individuals who are grasping every opportunity to learn new things. That’s why we can always see students attending both local universities (some doing distant university programs) and community learning centres.

Community learning centres in Myanmar are growing rapidly in recent years. Many of these learning centres strive to offer young people an opportunity to receive quality education with greater exposure to the outside world. Most of our partner schools aim to equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary for pursuing further studies abroad or embarking on a career in community-based organisations.

Foreign volunteers play an important role in bringing new knowledge and ideas to the young people in Myanmar, who do not enjoy the same privilege to learn in the same way as we do, even if they are studying in formal state universities. Aiming to fill this gap, Connecting Myanmar emphasises on introducing an interactive way of learning to Burmese youths, encouraging independent thinking and active participation in class activities/ discussions, as well as building their confidence in communicating with foreigners in English.


Training for volunteers

Volunteers will receive intensive training on teaching methods, classroom management and local culture in Mae Sot before teaching begins. Training arrangement will be announced after the placements are confirmed.


Details of 2017 Programs

Students from all majors welcome. Prior experience or a relevant major (e.g. education, social science, etc.) is a bonus, but not a prerequisite. Any specific skills or knowledge required are stated below.

***Priority will be given to applicants who are willing to volunteer for 2 to 3 months.***

***Subsidies will be available for volunteers staying for 3 months.***


Batch A
Location: Mae Sot, Thailand
Partner organisation: BHSOH Learning CenterKnowledge Zone
Date: (including training in Mae Sot)
Option 1: 1 – 31 July 2017 (1 month);
Option 2: 1 June – 31 July 2017 (2 months)
Number of vacancies: 1-2
Responsibilities: Prepare and deliver English lessons to students (Grade 7-10, in BHSOH) and working people (in Knowledge Zone) whose English abilities range from elementary to pre-intermediate levels.


Batch B [CLOSED]
Location: Hpa An, Myanmar
Partner organisation: Education Gathering Group – EGG Academy
Date: 1 – 31 July 2017
Number of volunteers: 1
Responsibilities: Prepare and deliver English lessons to students (Pre-intermediate level). Design and lead activities in theme-based workshops, introducing Hong Kong’s political, economic, and educational system.


Batch C
Location: Mawlamyine, Myanmar
Partner organisation: Mon Intensive English Program (MIEP)
Option 1: 30 June –  28 July 2017 (1 month);
Option 2: 26 July – 26 August 2017 (1 month);
Option 3: 30 June –  26 August 2017 (2 months)
Number of vacancies: 2-3
Responsibilities: Prepare and deliver English lessons to students with elementary English level, focusing on speaking and writing skills.


Batch D
Location: Mawlamyine, Myanmar
Partner organisation: Intensive English and Career-Bridging Program (IECBP)
Option 1: 1 June – 31 July 2017 (2 months);
Option 2: 1 June – End of August 2017 (3 months)
Number of volunteers: 1-2 per month
1. Prepare and deliver English lessons to students with reference to IELTS, aiming to familiarise students with the format of international English tests.
2. Prepare and deliver lessons on social and environmental issues.

Click here for general information and application methods of the Connecting Myanmar summer programs 2017.


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