Summer Programs 2017

wp-header.jpgConnecting Myanmar is a student-initiated NGO, with the mission to bridge between people from Myanmar and Hong Kong. Since 2012, over 120 students from Hong Kong universities have taught journalism and English, organised legal workshops and renovated schools at the Myanmar communities. The programs have become a rewarding and eye-opening experience for many and built up lasting friendship between the youths from Myanmar and Hong Kong.

It is our hope to bring the best out of ones’ life chances. We are here for the Myanmar population; we are also here for our fellow Hong Kong students.

***Information Session***
Date: 21 Feb 2017 (Tuesday)
Venue: Gatherland 2046, General Education Unit, 2/F, Pao Siu Loong Building, HKU
Time: 6:00-7:00pm
If you are interested in learning more about Myanmar and our summer programs, do not hesitate to come and chat with our past volunteers!

Programs we offer in summer 2017

Who we are looking for

We are looking for undergraduate and postgraduate students, and also graduates who are

  • Interested in the development of Myanmar;
  • Adaptive and sensitive to the local context and a new environment;
  • Independent, responsible and committed; and
  • Patient with teaching students who may not have a good command of English.

Experiences and skills preferred/required, if any, will be stated in the details of each program.

Application Methods

English Teaching, School Renovation and Street Law programs

a) Fill in the application form at, and

b) send your updated CV to in a message entitled “[Name][Program of your first preference] – Connecting Myanmar summer programs 2017”.

Important Dates

  • Application deadline [Second-round application]: 27 March 2017 (Monday) 23:59 (GMT+8)
    • The available places are filled on a rolling basis. We will invite you to a face-to-face interview within a week.
    • Late applications may be considered, depending on the vacancies of the programs.
  • Training sessions and a pre-departure briefing for all volunteers: March-April 2017


Our volunteers have always been engaged in fundraising for the partner NGOs, migrant schools and local trainers that support the programs. This year, volunteers are requested to raise HKD 1,000 per person.

The donation will go to

  • Science and  Technology Training Centre, Mae Sot (renovation project costs);
  • BHSOH, Mae Sot (to fund a school bus for students living far away from school); and
  • Mon Intensive English Program, Mawlamyine (to install a WiFi network in the school).

No administration fee will be charged.

We encourage volunteers to explore different ways to raise funds, whether individually or as a group, with a view to raising awareness about the issues related to Myanmar. We are happy to provide advice upon request.

Transport and Accommodation

We will provide travel advice at a pre-departure briefing session. Volunteers will generally make their own arrangement for transportation and accommodation, either in group or individually.

Expenses and Subsidies

All volunteers are required to pay HKD 1,000 as a deposit upon acceptance of the placement.  The deposit shall be refundable upon satisfactory completion of the program, including all training sessions and the pre-departure briefing.

Our volunteers are self-funded. Those joining the programs that last longer than one month may apply for subsidies or reimbursement to partially cover the transport, accommodation and teaching materials. The amount of subsidy will be subject to the availability of external funds Connecting Myanmar receives.

Estimated Cost

Programs in Mae Sot

  • Transport: HKD 2,500
  • Accommodation: HKD 1,500 (monthly)
  • Food: HKD 1,200 (monthly)

Programs in Yangon, Mawlamyine and Hpa An

  • Transport: HKD 3,500
  • Accommodation: HKD 800 (weekly)
  • Food: HKD 350 (weekly)
  • Visa: HKD 320 (4 weeks)/ 390 (10 weeks)


Send your enquiries to or the Connecting Myanmar Facebook page with your university and preferred program(s) stated.

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