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Every journey has a story to tell.

In summer 2011, twenty of us joined the Migrant Outreach Education Initiative (MOEI) Program organized by the Faculty of Social Science, University of Hong Kong. In the programme, we taught English to the refugee children along the Thai-Burma border. The children learned at a speed like a sponge and we volunteers, had grown a lot too throughout the summer programme. At that moment, we could not help but wonder: what if our fellow HKU schoolmates from various disciplines were here as well? How much greater of an impact we could make on these children’s lives? Then, we went on thinking, what if we invite students from different disciplines with different expertise to lend a helping hand to the children?

This has become the spark to our journey.

Connecting Myanmar is the brainchild of this group of passionate volunteers. It is a non-profit initiative, with the mission to bring the best out of ones’ life chances. We are here for the Myanmar population; we are also here for our fellow schoolmates.

Through our programs, we aim to:

1. To support Myanmar people towards a sustainable livelihood by connecting Hong Kong students with Myanmar people

2. To nurture university students as global leaders with humanitarian characters by utilizing their potentials in addressing the problems in the Myanmar community

With passion and hope to create a better home for the Burmese, do join us and embark on this rewarding and unforgettable journey with us!

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Email: connectingmyanmar@gmail.com
Facebook: ConnectingMyanmar

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