Updates on ChangeMaker [HK Recruitment]

***UPDATES ON HK-Myanmar ChangeMaker Exchange Program 2018*** 🆕


🔭 Do you see yourself as a global citizen?
🌍 Want to be a Hong Kong delegate and volunteer in Myanmar to make a positive difference to the world through education?
🌞 Want an experiential summer learning experience?

📋 APPLY NOW FOR OUR CHANGEMAKER PROGRAM 2018, at https://goo.gl/vrwy1Z (for HK Applicants only***)

🤔 Still not sure what you’d be doing? Here’s a sample project for your reference

💡 {SAMPLE} 📖 Children Library Project, in alignment with UN Sustainable Development Goal 4: Quality Education 👨‍🏫

{1} Collection of children book donations in HK
{2} Setup of a children library in Myanmar
{3} Educational workshops with local youths / community members on library and research
{4} Demonstration of children reading activities, e.g. book sharing, storytelling, quizzes and colouring competitions!

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